Scattered lines to Recollections

As I start this journey of beginning to being more transparent in a truly genuine way I thought of no greater beginning then a quilt of some of the past.  I was going through some old notebooks from high school, including one from my poetry class, and found some of my potential poems from  my thoughts. I saw the comment from my teacher (the now lovely Mrs. Landry)  “many potential poems” and was inspired to make it happen. I write very frequently and it has always has been therapeutic for me, but much of my life I have often complained about no one truly  knowing me and that  has been my fault. I look back at my writings at times and I’m amazed, amazed by the sheer intensity of emotion but I never let people see that for the most part. I show bits and pieces at times, but to most I’m sunshine and smiles.  The truth is I love being sunshine to someone and creating joy, but I’m failing myself in so many ways by not being transparent. So here’s to an attempt to setting down the mask a poem created from lines from my senior year in high school:

Regrets creep in the doorway

An impostor, creating doubts

Loss in security of beliefs

The unwavering stand collapsed

Shame of my Evolution

Masks of Beauty, Appearing Undefeatable

The weakness must hide

The Wind catches the Mask

Blows Away, All Control

Leaving Behind the Hollow Shell

Will it Wither under Hurricane Winds?

Trepid, did I cause destruction




2 thoughts on “Scattered lines to Recollections

  1. Rebekah, I am so glad you are doing this!!! I am glad that you didn’t throw away your h.s. notebook and that you are taking up blogging. It is something that I love to do, and I think you will definitely find it so beneficial. WordPress is a great blogging community as well! I’ll be following you here! Keep it up! I have such good memories of that class…you guys were my one and only class I ever taught poetry to! 🙂 Be well and keep writing!

    • I’m really looking forward to blogging. I definitely struggle with being “real” I feel as if I’m doing image management and I don’t even realize it. I hope to get myself more connected with what is true to me and I think blogging will be a step in the right direction

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