Temporary Vegan, Detoxing, and Mindfulness

I’m definitely not one of those new year’s resolution kind of people, but my life has been crazy the past couple months and I really would like to get back in gear in certain areas of my life. I decided to kick start with a diet and detox, because shockingly I lost weight over the holiday period (probably because I ran  a ton and I usually mix in weight training) so I might as well keep going in a positive direction. Therefore starting tomorrow I will be vegan for two weeks and  in the process doing a mini-3 day detox. I would personally have a hard time being a full time vegan, but I truly try to stick a diet that 85% of my food comes from a whole food plant based diet. It really makes a difference and I have learned some of the things that I have replaced in my routine diet leave  me fuller longer and with more energy.

The fun part of doing a vegan diet is learning new recipes and meals.  I rely on my morning smoothie, tons of hummus, quinoa, and fresh fruits and veggies as a baseline.  I love learning new meal ideas that turn out to be tasty and extremely nutritious.  It is things like that which in general help me maintain a healthy lifestyle.   My favorite thing that I have permanently added to my diet in the past 6 months is my smoothie  which includes: berries, fresh spinach, coconut oil, chia seeds, spirulina, almond milk,  mango,  2 drops of doTERRA lemon oil.  I may add different fruits or veggies every once in a while and found that smoothies are an amazing way to add veggies to your diet!!! The best part of my smoothie is that I actually stay full for quite awhile. I’m super excited that I now have a small travel blender so I now I can make smoothies on the go!!


Aside from my food goals comes the actual hard part for me……being mindful and present. I’m so go-go-go all the time I never give my mind a break let alone  process anything.  One of my best skills is to compartmentalize everything, which is extremely useful to function at warp speed, but it also disables me from feeling the waves of life as it happens. Then when my compartments are all full I’m about one slow driver from becoming extremely unglued…not good. My mindfulness goals include breathing exercises and yoga. The breathing exercises will be an everyday first thing in the morning, and with my handy dandy app I can do it at work or anywhere else before I become unglued.  Actually practicing yoga will be a little tougher. I personally prefer to take a class, but my schedule doesn’t always allow.  I would like to commit to practicing yoga at least 2x a week. The benefits of yoga are tremendous. I recently presented a training based on research studies on PTSD and yoga.  One case study said that after 12 weeks of yoga  those who suffered from PTSD  were the same or better than a group that 12 weeks of cognitve behavioral therapy. Yoga has tons of benefits and most of it comes from learning to be in the moment.  One can say that if your depressed you are thinking of the past and if you are anxious then you are in the future. Although there are a time and place to feel and think of the past and future we often forget the power of where I am right now.

Personal Example:

1.I could think of the the future and worry about how my grandma will recover from her stroke and how that might affect my grandpa’s deteriorating health.

2. I could think of the past and think of the crimes committed against me and dwell in the hurt  and therefore be depressed

3. Last option I could think of this current moment, in which I’m sitting in my pj’s safe, secure, writing and with knowledge that my God has everything in His hands under his control

I like the third option best, but most of the time it isn’t the easy one and that is where my breathing exercises,  and  rayer all come in. It takes me from the chaos and puts my focus on one of the most basic functions of the human body; air going in and out of my lungs…..breathing alive and safe.


So those are my goals we will see how it GOES!!!!


2 thoughts on “Temporary Vegan, Detoxing, and Mindfulness

  1. Thank you very much, I’am really glad that I’m following you. I’m still figuring out. Just wanted to say that you are an awesome blogger, Inspiring and …… essentially perfectly ok. greetings from Gede Prama 😉

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