From Violence to Hope and Sunshine from Raindrops

I know I haven’t written in awhile. I miss it. I’ve been incredibly busy planning this year’s Run for RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest, National Network).  I had a stop a moment today and just say how mysterious and amazing God works. The past few weeks have been particularly challenging and emotional. March brings the anniversary of my first sexual assault.

Today is the anniversary of the day that the pattern and shape of my life forever changed. I was raped March 24th 7 years ago today, and although I shed some tears over it yesterday God has been working to redeem such a dark day. The real irony of it all is that the first perpetrator decided to contact me this month (he usually does the anniversary month of the rape) and although that was upsetting; what happened today outweighed that! First off I found out  that I got into California State University of Northridge’s MSW program. I was shocked and elated. Last year I got rejected from three schools. Then finally I found out that the article I wrote to be released for the local newspaper was published! Link is as follows:  . It was incredibly scary to let that out in a public way, but I’m always stressing that there is no shame in sexual assault and  by speaking out I’m propagating that truth!

God has had his hand on my life in so many ways and I can see many positive things beginning to unfold; that I’m literally in tears of all that God has done. Continuously using my darkness and redeeming it for his purpose and to shine light and hope!  There is also a virtual 5K this year for my Run for RAINN to enable people all over the country to run in solidarity for survivors. I already have people in Florida and NYC who whill be running for RAINN!

The following is the link for the run:

Join me this April and Run for RAINN!!!


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