Small Sustainable Steps.

Earlier in the year I posted about practicing mindfulness and yoga more, but I wasn’t as successful I would like to have been. The reality I have to think of is that life habits are not made in sudden changes, but rather in small sustainable steps. Although I definitely fell off the radar at times with my mindfulness practice and yoga there were still times that I made a point to do it. Even if that was 5 or 6 minutes. My initial commitments may have been too big initially.  So I’m revisiting of trying to practice once a week, but I’m not setting a specific time of how long it has to be. I would like it to be an hour, but for now I would like to create a habit that I can maintain.

Part of the struggle that I have had with practicing yoga is although I know all the tremendous health benefits (mind and body) I still have this deep rooted idead that is still necessary to run or do some other form exercise.  This is definitely connected to the obsessive nature inside of me. Thankfully I have had people in my life who have kept me accountable by telling me to do yoga and not run or do anything else. One of the benefits of yoga is learning to accept yourself and things just as you are. My hopes that I can begin to implement yoga in more baby steps that the obsessive chatter will begin to die down. When I rest in Savasana at the end of yoga class it is great time to remind me to “Be Still and Know that I AM God.”  With each breath I try to quiet my mind and breathe in not only air, but God’s hope, peace and light. With each exhale I try to let go and release whatever burdens I’m carrying whether they be physical or emotional. Some days it is a lot harder to quiet my mind and I don’t always leave feeling calm, but the reality is that without discipline and practice that chatter will be screaming in my ears.


Through the quiet and learning to silence the chatter I will begin to find the godly contentment not just myself, but in the world around me. It reminds me not to charge against situations I don’t like but learning to “Just Roll with It”. So I’m taking things one step at a time, and moving forward to a goal of rest and not fighting against the world 


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