Strength Based Practice


I’m nearing the end of my first two courses in my Masters of Social Work, and things have been crazy. I expected this, but my schedule did not build in the buffer of “life happens”. I’m in thick of work, school and interning at the Children’s Hospital and it can be incredibly draining. Interning at the Children’s Hospital has definitely been an amazing experience, but definitely difficult at times. Since the beginning of September there has already been 2 patients that have passed and one who is not expected to make it till next year. I appear to be holding up well emotionally, but giving of myself all day definitely has shown me the need to decompress. Thankfully I have an hour car ride home that allows me that time, but it is up to me to make use of it.
This past week I quickly saw how small blips or problems could quickly throw off my steady pace. All it took was a glitchy phone and a misplaced driver’s license and I was in tears at lunch time in my car. I felt like the two added tasks would take away all the needed time (when reality it wouldn’t). All I could think of was the papers I had to write and preparing to teach a class at my job. I was extremely thankful for Dave’s steadiness, because although there was not much that could be fixed, at the current moment I needed some rationality and stability.
This brings me to my title of strength based practice. In my studies in social work we are told to utilize strength based practice which focuses on what strengths the client has and forming positive goals (i.e. spend an hour a day with family as opposed to decreasing time on computer). The idea behind this is to develop confidence and esteem in areas that exist in order for a client to feel able to make changes in other areas. The application of this is necessary in my own life and I was extremely blessed to have Dave point out some of the positive side, when I was being irrational. It reminds me of what kind of positive goals can reinstate or add to my life (that are not too lofty!!!)

Although I wanted to do weekly yoga in class I realized that isn’t always feasible with my schedule; based on this realization here are my new goals:

1. Exercising 3-5x a week with one session being a yoga video. ( I would love this to be everyday but due to my schedule this makes me prone to failure and being self-defeating)
2. Set aside a day for school work and house chores (Tuesday) Unless I completed a majority of work on another day I need to use this as a dedicated day of work (this might help my sanity).
3. Adding mindfulness meditation to the start of my day (I’ve been telling myself this for months! Funny how one can neglect to do something so beneficial)
4. Utilize other people to help me see the positive in the situations and asking for help when I need it!
5. Blogging Bi-weekly (this might be lofty for me, but I enjoy and I definitely missed doing it!)


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