Memoir to My Grandpa

Guess What? …….I love you! These were the words that would hear from Grandpa almost every time I saw him. As a kid instead of answering with “What” I would already know and say “I know I know you love me!”. There was never a moment as grandchildren that we didn’t know we were loved. If it wasn’t through words it was through actions. Christine, Adam and I have many fond memories of outings with Grandpa. From trips to the movies, playing on the swings, the hammock at the house, and wonderful memories made in Williamsburg Virginia. Speaking of swings I remember I was about 3 years old and I knew Grandpa would come push me if I had asked. So I wandered over to a neighbor’s yard (where there swing set look so wonderful) and proceeded to sit on a swing and shout “Grandpa come push me”. In no time Grandpa came not to push me , but to escort me out of the neighbor’s yard! I had yet to understand that I couldn’t swing wherever I wanted!

Grandpa’s booming voice in the typical “Tomlinson fashion” was a source of Joy and smiles. You could always hear the joy that radiated from within in his voice! It was through him I began to understand the real meaning of my middle name “Joy” . It didn’t mean everything was perfect, but instead it rested in the hope that is in Jesus Christ, and for that we have Joy. Grandpa always demonstrated that truth!!

I’m blessed and proud to say that I was able to share the title of U.S Marine with Grandpa. Right before I went off to boot camp he gave me his Eagle Globe and Anchor Emblem from his time in service. I will always hold this dear. He shared with me his book of his time in service in the 3rd Marine Division. I was honored for him to have such pride and joy in my service. I can hear him singing the Marine Corps Hymn to me as I remember him. He made sure he knew what PFC stood for which was “Praying for Corporal”. I prayed and prayed and I reached Corporal! And shared the rank of Corporal with him as well!

I’m grateful for each moment that I had here with him and I rest assured that he with my Savior! As the Marine Corps Hymn says I’m sure he is walking Heaven’s Scene as a United States Marine, because once a Marine Always a Marine!


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